MoJo zSensor: Work in Progress Video

Very promising early glimpse at Graham Law's MoJo zSensor work at Celtic Magic. One or more of these can be hooked up to a PC (through an Arduino Leandro) seen as various joystick functions. Alternatively it can be used to drive switch accessible devices via on/off relays.

Specs wise from Graham: "less than 0.1 milligrams force is required at maximum sensitivity. Most users would be using higher pressure and the MoJo self-tunes to accommodate higher force."

Huge benefits for those unable to comfortably use conventional switches. This stuff will tie up with JoyToKey too for huge additional powers such as latching and profile switching (example one and example two). Switches offer a lot of benefits over the likes of eye-tracking, face and voice control as there is often no noticable lag between you activating the control and something happening.

Very interested to see how a joystick will be built out of this set-up. Following with great curiosity.


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