MoJo (Modular Joystick) and zSensors: Ultra-Light Controls

MoJo Modular Joystick using zSensors. From Celtic Magic for highly accessible computer and game console controls.

Graham Law of Celtic Magic recently sent me details of a very exciting project he's working on. Ultra-light analogue/digital controls, that can be used as switches, sensors and if combined as a joystick (the MoJo).

What's really exciting about Graham's set-up is making extremely light pressure adjustable controls, that should be reliable and easily repeatable once set-up. Read more here. Lots of possibilities for this with JoyToKey and profile switching to give access to a huge range of controls.

As a side note, I've since discovered that Origin Instrument's Breeze sip/puff interface can be used to act as up to four joystick on/off buttons as standard (although more like two, as it's hard to get your pressure right I found), as well as a diagonal axis. Using JoyToKey you can convert that to act as the X-axis (left-right) or Y-axis (up-down) if you wish. With a Cronus Max/Titan One you can link this to PS3/PS4/XB360/XBone.


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