Kinect: What Microsoft Should Do With Xbox One Kinect

I don't understand Microsoft. The Kinect on Xbox One is incredible technology and should be able to do all of the above. I would love it if you could remap your controls to play any game using anything you see in the videos above.

If there was in-built support/free libraries for this (with the ability to save and load your custom profiles), imagine the fun people could have re-imagining existing games. Imagine the freedom indie and main-stream developers could have in creating exciting new ideas for minimal effort.

• Play an interactive drama using facial expressions alone to make responses (frown, sneer, smile, open mouth in shock).

• Head movements to run, smile to shoot in games (SpecialEffect have done this already using a PC Kinect set-up linked to an Xbox to play FIFA. People loved it at the Insomnia festival).

• Make Physio/Fitness fun using affordable technology and your game/activity of choice.

• Raise eye-brow Roger Moore style to play a one-switch game (I did this yesterday to play one-switch Dragon's Lair).

• Pout to take a selfie (seems popular, but not with me!).

But always make the game playable with a standard Joypad and you've got the best of both worlds. Come on Microsoft! So much unrealised potential. And whilst you're at it, more Happy Action Theatre, please.

Feel the same? You can contact Microsoft's accessibility teams here: UK Disability Answer Desk and perhaps most effectively at their Xbox One Accessibility info page.

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