Game Accessibility Lucky Dip and Mini-Rant

Game Accessibility symbols and lucky dip. Linked to Game Accessibility Guidelines and all sorts of bits and bobs.

The Importance of Inclusion in Games from 2014 by Alexx Aplin... Why Game Accessibility Matters article from 2014 by Richard Moss at Polygon blog (read the comments too).... Les jeux à interface minimaliste from Julien Bernard in 2010....    Improving Game Accessibility article from 2005 from IGDA GASIG member Kevin Bierre in Gamasutra.... One Legged Dance Dance Revolution from c. 2006.... Shodan Eye-Gaze fighting/gaming utility from Graeme Singh from 2011.... Fantastic Ability Powered Gaming site and interesting article on why she doesn't score games for accessibility.... The brilliant Gamerazzi game review site run by disabled gamers... Codemaster's F1 2014 getting a "Very Easy" mode. Obv. no such thing as "Very Easy" for some players, but the news is extremely welcome (apart from one ignorant comment).... MaxAim D.I. recently released for Titan One allowing most PC joypad/joystick type controllers to map across to game consoles including multiple analogue controls.... Mini rant-alert after Microsoft's Making Video Games Accessible: Business Justifications and Design Considerations including contact e-mail addresses. I hate those medical model terms about "people with impairments/with disabilities" used in game accessibility articles.... People, in the context of being able to do what they want to do are disabled by design and social barriers. Remove those barriers, and disabled people become "people". Disabled Gamers become, gamers/game-players. Nice to see much more coverage of game access, but I'm still not seeing much filter down to make many commercial games easier.... Nice bike ride (Lands End to John O'Groats) for SpecialEffect. And relax....

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