Please Bring Back On-line Boccia Channel 4

In 2012, in celebration of the London Paralympics, Channel 4 hosted Preloaded's amazing version of Boccia on-line. As brilliant and fun as it was to play, it did pose some controller barriers leaving quite a few people unable to play independently.

The game had eight keys in total including five essential game-play keys. For some users, including some real-life Boccia players, this was too many.

Thankfully, due to the brilliant JoyToKey, and some time supported by SpecialEffect, I found a way to reduce all the controls down to two-buttons.

You can grab the zipped up JoyToKey with profiles via this Dropbox link [you may need WinRar to extract it and if using Chrome, go to the advanced settings via the three bars icon and untick the "Enable phishing and malware protection" temporarily]. You'll need a PC compatible joypad/joystick controller/switch interface. Button 1 is the action button, and Button 2 changes the action.

Update August 2015: this can now be played with one-button but only in Firefox or Internet Explorer, where the game runs a little rough. Sadly Chrome no longer supports Unity as I understand.

Boccia from Channel 4

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