Music Switch Shortcutter

I'm not really sure what this is called, but it's an essential addition to the Switch Music performance collection I'm building up thanks to the likes of William Pilgrim and in this case Will Wade. So what does it do?

Simply, it gives a range of ways for switch users to control audio and video in the likes of Windows Media Player or iTunes. For instance, you can set a switch (to the "F8" key) to set a music video player playing for a few seconds. When it stops, the user will need to press their switch again to keep things going. There's more to it than that though...

F8 or 0 or ctrl-shift t : Play music for timed period (default 8 secs)
Ctrl-Shift c : Config window to set the time
Ctrl-Shift d : View the time period set

F3 or Left Arrow or Ctrl-Shift f : Play (not toggle)
F4 or Down Arrow or Ctrl-Shift s : Stop (not toggle)

F5 or 1 or Ctrl-Shift [ : Previous
F7 or 2 or Ctrl-Shift P : Play / Pause toggle
F6 or 3 or Ctrl-Shift ] : Next
Ctrl-Shift - : Vol down
Ctrl-Shift = : Vol up
Ctrl-Shift h : This help box

To completely quit the "Auto Hot Key" programme, go to the Windows Tray, right-click and click on "EXIT". If Windows 8 gets fussy when you try to run this the first time, click more info, then click on RUN ANYWAY.

Many thanks to Will for making this great little script available.

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