FIFA 2014: Redux

FIFA 2014 already has a two-button mode to reduce the controls which is very welcome. In reality though this is actually the thumb-stick, trigger to run, two-buttons, and start and select used in accessing the menus. After a request from Colin McDonnell to SpecialEffect I managed to pare controls down to two-buttons:

small yellow switch = diagonal running (arrows). (larger green switch) = pass / shoot.

In the video above I navigate the menu system using the yellow button to cycle through some off-screen options and the green button to select. Once a game is started I can choose from two different running modes for the small yellow switch: right-angles (i.e. up, right, down, left) or diagonally as in the picture above. The large green switch allows me to pass/tackle if I tap the button, or shoot/slide-tackle if I hold the button.

It takes practice, but playing as Chelsea against Southend United, I managed to beat them 2-1 after a few draws or small losses. Playing tip is to press the green button a lot to tackle fairly, and to master the clock-wise rotation of your controls, knowing a double-tap will make you run in the opposite direction.

For tech heads: This set-up uses a Windows PC, JoyToKey, GTuner MaxAim, Cronus Device and PS3. The interface is a simple adapted PC joypad with two accessibility standard switches on a Trabasack.

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