RoboTar Kickstarter: Accessible Guitar

RoboTar connects to the fret board of a guitar, and on the press of a switch, will step through and hold a pre-set list of chords programmed on a PC or Android device. It's a brilliant concept and available to buy now in a range of options. If the Kickstarter gets off the ground, mass-production should bring the price well down.

Clearly acoustic and electric guitars can be played one handed, or just as easily by a pair of people. One-switch play seems very possible where one person strums and the switch musician steps through chord progressions. Maybe even two switch access would be possible by using the RoboTar and finding a way to strum the strings, such as with a shoe-lace tied to the blade of a fan. Maybe. Really hope this gets the funding to make it far more affordable, and if it doesn't they keep going building them by hand. Fantastic idea.

RoboTar: Accessible guitar system.

RoboTar: Accessible guitar system with foot pedal switch

RoboTar: Accessible guitar system. Software screenshot.

RoboTar: Accessible guitar system. Software screenshot of Annie's Song 2 John Denver.

RoboTar: Accessible guitar system.

Originally found with thanks to Duncan Edwards of Trabasack on Twitter. Can't wait to see what Robert Florio might do with it with his PiL like guitar playing.

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2 Responses to 'RoboTar Kickstarter: Accessible Guitar'

  1. # Blogger Unknown

    What a super project this is. I hope it gets the funding necessary to make it happen.

    Mike Taylor
    Excitim Ltd  

  2. # Blogger kleekru

    Thanks One switch and Mike Taylor!! We need all the help and exposure we can get. Please pass on. Thanks for your help. I am determined to get RoboTars to people that want them even if we need to continue making them by hand. It is ready and being used today by a few users but we need volume before we can get costs down and offer better pricing.  

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