WiFi Plug: Affordable Environmental Control

WiFi plug PC interface for simple control over electrical devices. Great for affordable basic environmental control.

WiFi plug allows you to turn electrical devices on and off via an iOS, Android or PC/Mac web-based interface. Switch access is possible for all, but I was especially pleased with the PC/Mac access.

You can use TAB and ENTER to step through your options, and hover over the power button to use one-switch to turn a device on/off to your heart's content. Devices like fans, lights, bubble-tubes, food-mixers, heaters, basic radios and so on are all possible to control in this way, and they work instantly. Great as a cause and effect device. Great for basic environmental control. If Apple address the short-comings in switch access on iOS devices, maybe iOS cause and effect quality switch access will be possible one day too.

Each device costs around £40, although they're running a special offer with three for £100 at the minute. I really like the ability to batch multiple devices and be able to switch them all on/off on the press of a single switch. Entire sensory room effects / night-club effects on the press of a switch. Could be very impressive.

Of great interest to accessibility hardware hackers, is the site http://www.wifiplug.co.uk/api.html for which (once you purchase a device) you can request access to the Software Development Kit and API code to download and fashion into something perhaps far more accessible. The company are currently working on voice control too which would be very nice.

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2 Responses to 'WiFi Plug: Affordable Environmental Control'

  1. # Blogger Unknown

    Hi Barrie,

    Thanks for the post. Just a heads-up the link to the WiFi website takes you to the password protected area. You need to clear some of the characters from the link to get onto their site.

    I was thinking: if you plugged an extension into the WiFi socket and then several devices into the extension block could you control all with just one on / off click?

    Obviously you would need to watch the overall loading going through the socket. Do you know if they are rated at 13 amps?

    All the best,

    Mike Taylor
    Excitim Ltd  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Hi Mike,

    Yes indeed, you can put in up to 13Amps worth of gear across a power extension. They talk about using it to power on/off heaters so it's said to be up to that.


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