Go Baby Go! Project

The video above shows James Galloway's adapted kids electric vehicles at the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Department. The Go Baby Go! project aims to bring affordable mobility technology to children around the world.

For D.I.Y. types, there's a brilliant PDF manual at the Go Baby Go web-site. For ideas, see their Facebook page. Liked the giant painted wheels over huge sheets of paper idea.

Many thanks to Will Wade for the original link. To see more posts on accessible wheelchairs click-here.

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  1. # Blogger Paula Spencer

    Hi Barrie
    we've been looking at this project in the William Merritt Centre in Leeds. We've got a mini from Toys R Us which has been switch adapted and has had a harness fitted. We've also got a remote control sports car from www.Rideoncars.co.uk and the remote control is now switch adapted. A local company Independence Mobility is looking at adapting a third with the same surround etc as the Go Baby Go. If anyone else is doing a similar thing it would be great to share ideas etc in the UK.  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Hi Paula,

    That's great news! What huge fun too. Feel free to send me any photos I can put up and I'll happily post a little follow up thing calling out for UK interest.  

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