Ultra-Stik - Analogue Joystick with Switch Sockets

Ultra-Stik Analogue Joystick with Switch Interface

D.I.Y. analogue joystick. Image of the P.C.B. and wiring.

The chunky joystick above was designed for SpecialEffect originally after a request from Bill Donegan to look into the Ultimarc Ultra-Stik, hoping to make a simple and fairly affordable controller for gaming.

Turns out it works great. It's an analogue joystick with the potential for up to eight switch sockets (I've fitted four). On a PC using JoyToKey, it can be set-up to work as a mouse. I've built a profile that has the four switches set up as: LEFT-CLICK, RIGHT-CLICK, LEFT-CLICK DRAG, ADJUST MOVEMENT SPEED. You can set it up anyway you like, and with the Controller Max / Cronus Max / Cronus Device / Whatever they're calling it next, you can use it on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3 after a bit of tinkering.

£115 from the OneSwitch.org.uk Accessible Gaming Shop, or you can build your own accessible analogue joystick by following the DIY guide here. Works very nicely with a Trabasack Connect.

Ultra-Stik being used on an Xbox 360 thanks to CronusMax aka ControllerMax aka Cronus Device.

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2 Responses to 'Ultra-Stik - Analogue Joystick with Switch Sockets'

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Trying to confirm Ultrastik and cronusmax compatibility, I've searched the controller max forums, but see no mention, is this in both analog and 8 way "digital"mode? This is great news if true.  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Yes, you can get it working in analogue or digital modes and you can get it recognised by CronusMax. Sorry so slow to respond. Best to e-mail!  

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