Top Websites for Accessible Gaming - 2014

7-128 software have just announced the winners of their annual "Top Websites for Accessible Gaming". Hugely proud to have won my fifth year at the top of the Web Sites for Gamers who are Motion Impaired category. This will give me a boost to get on with One Switch 100 at the very least.

Huge thanks to all the people along the way who've contributed ideas, games, advice, frustrations and solutions and who've shared a passion for accessible gaming. Massive thanks to Retro Remakes for the accessible game programming competitions they ran between 2005 and 2008, the IGDA GASIG and all the people I met through that, Aleks Krotoski for putting me in touch with them in the first place, SpecialEffect and on and on. Huge respect also to all the others on the list, many of whom would be above me if you adjusted the criteria slightly. So much left to do for us all though...

Beyond the gushing, do check out 7-128's list and their brilliant work. So many great resources there.


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