2013: All Blogged One Switch Games

Screen shot from A Wise Choice: A laughing range of mountains is the back-drop. Hovering in the foreground in front of some lush grass and a withered tree is a floating monkey mug of tea. The text below reads, 'Well hello!... you look... Different. Well, I suppose we are all different in our own little ways, but you look.... wholly not from this world..."

One Switch Games Blogged in 2013

Global Game Jam 2013 - Including the wonderful, if buggy, "A Wise Choice" plus Escape Velocity, Cardiac Arrest, Egg Beat Old Delete Me, Luck Broken Heart and Beating My Heart.
Chicken Zen Kane - great strategy psycho robots game from Tam Toucan.
Baseball Star Wars - on-line Baseball game from SpecialBites aimed at players who don't have fast reactions.
Catch a Penny - fun money earning target reward game also from SpecialBites.
RRode - One-switch game of great skill and patience.
Silent Skies - Vectorised bombing run game that finally became available to download.
Tug The Table - One or two-player tug of war madness.
The World is in Your Hands - Hover wheelchair do good simulator plus rudely entitled OMGAF Dragon!
One Button Cardboard Arcade - Yep.
Nod - Rose Abernathy's dating simulator where all you need do is nod at the right time.
Moon Waltz - Were-wolf simulator. Nuts. Fun. Needs "R" to restart.
Cursor Click - One of the oldest ever one-switch games brought on-line.
Hug Punx - Hugging Simulator (requires 4Noah utility).
Journey and Pinball Arcade - PS3 versions made playable with one-switch.
Switch Gaming on iOS - At last! - Apple listened! Via the excellent Colin McDonnell.
One-Switch Dragon's Lair - It was there, and then it wasn't. A bit bizarre.
Mole Hammers - On-line one or two-player single mole abuse game.
One-switch Driving games - Adaptation that should work for most PS3, Xbox 360 and PC driving games.

Favourite Other Posts of 2013

Oak Air Switch (Kinect based); My Son's Not Rainman; Two-button Fighting Games; The Sensory Story Project; DIY Game Accessibility; Polibius on the Simpsons; Finger Tip Controllers (1982); 10 Years of OneSwitch; MakeyMakey on PS3 and Xbox 360; PS3 Head Tracker; A-Z RandomiserOne-Handed Controller ULTRA; Luke-Lundin and SpecialEffect; Switch Action Camera; Apple OS X gets switch improvements; HAPP sip/puff system; DIY switch pitching machine; Neil Young switch accessible model train; Xbox One accessibility; YouVIEW access boost for one-switch users; How Video Games Changed the World.

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