QuadStick Kickstarter and call for support for Ken Yankelevitz

The QuadStick: Image of a specialised game controller designed for use by people using their head, mouth and neck movements. Much like Ken Yankelevitz's QuadController.

As you may or may not know, accessible gaming pioneer Ken Yankelevitz is no longer building accessible controllers. I had this brief note from him in December which he said he was happy for me to share...

"I am 72 years old and have Parkinson Disease.
I am having difficulty holding the soldering iron steady enough to assemble the controllers.
If I can find someone who can help me with the soldering maybe I'll try to continue making controllers."

If anyone in the USA is in a position to do so, please do consider getting in touch. Ken is a legend as I've mentioned before on this blog and it would be great to support him considering all he's done in his life to support others. 

Meanwhile, it's fantastic to see that Ken's work will carry on whilst he's currently unable to in the form of the QuadStick Kickstarter campaign. Although a little daunting to read through the user-manual, this looks like a hugely powerful device for gamers wishing/needing to use their mouth and neck movements to play.

Read more at the QuadStick home page, Quadstick Kickstarter campign and EuroGamer. Many thanks to Techni Myoko for the tip.

QuadStick modes and control layout. LEDs display the five different standard modes, a sip/puff tube allows you to step through this back and forwards and then select.

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