GEEK 2014

Two-switch Wii Mario Kart, Motion Pool and One-switch Flappy Birds emulated.

EyeToy: Play2 Pool for GEEK 2014 and SpecialEffect.

Flappy Birds on Android emulator with accessibility switch and Trabasack.

Here's a sneak peek at the set-up Shaz Hossain, Cassie Sobey-Smith and myself will be show-casing for SpecialEffect at this year's Geek 2014 in Margate. Will likely vary some of it on the day but the plan at the second is...

1. Two-switch Wii Mario Kart. One switch latches the accelerator on, and the other steers left/right alternatively and launches any weapons at the same time. Will have many other games available on this set-up (inc. Drivey and Driver, Pinball, Everybody's Golf, Um Jammer Lammy, Tomena Sanner and Daytona USA).

2. Motion Pool. Eye Toy: Play 2 has a brilliant hexagonal game of Pool that you can play be moving about. The camera will be mounted on a MERU Flexi mount so it can be positioned in a variety of places.

3. Flappy Birds: The original on a big-screen, which is no longer available to download from the iOS and Android Play stores.

4. DJ mixing of video game songs showcasing that there's more to SpecialEffect than video games alone. Really looking forward to this bit especially.

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  1. # Blogger

    Praying we can create enough light for Motion Pool to work, as it's brilliant with enough light. If not, will sort something else...  

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