Dr. Bulbaceous

Bulbaceous at GEEK 2014 Margate with one-switch controls and a Trabasack.

Screen shot from the match three game Bulbaceous. Colourful balls await destruction. Two characters look on at the well that contains them.

Another popular game that we had running at GEEK 2014 in Margate was the one-switch match three game, Dr. Bulbaceous. Here's the blurb...

"Dr.B is a single button arcade puzzle game, best described as an upside down Puzzle Bobble, featuring 100 levels and an epic final boss battle".

It's one-switch playable (in the early levels - could be made two-switch accessible with JoyToKey), very polished and doesn't rush you. Hugely accessible in the early levels  and it works great as a cause and effect activity too.

£1.99 is the price which I happily paid for an Android version (PC version is probably the best for switch access) from Bulbaceous.com. Highly recommended. There's not been many PC one-switch games of this quality in a long time. Let's hope there are more soon with full access. And here's some Shaggy...

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