Accessible Pool

Shaz playing Eye Toy Play 2 Motion Pool at GEEK 2014 in Margate.

Motion Pool in EyeToy Play 2.

Silent Running robotic pool table.

Show cased at GEEK 2014 and fighting for light most of the time was EyeToy Play 2: Pool for the Playstation 2. This old game is a hidden accessible gem. Find it via Games - Playroom - Motion-Cam - Pool. Unless light fades or you put your hand over the lens the game stays in a free-playing game of hexagonal pool.

You can move the camera nearer to you to make the game a bit easier if you have limited movement or just want to use a specific part of your body. There's an inherent game built in whereby the number of shots you take to clear the table is recorded along with the time, but you can just as well make it multi-player game of Killer or anything you like thanks to its free form nature. I love it.

Many years ago (around 1998) I used a switch adapted Atari STe with Archer Maclean's Pool to support people to play real vs. virtual games, sitting next to a real pool table. The one-switch gamer would be assisted to line up a shot (I'd continually adjust the angle through left to right around an obvious shot) waiting for them to hit their switch. After the shot was played, we'd move the balls on the real pool table to match. The opponent would take their shot on the real table with a real cue, and we'd then use the trick-shot editor to match the balls on the Atari. Always thought how cool it would be to have a Silent Running type automated system. So brilliant to see that pretty much realised in the CanAssist video of switch accessible Billiards above.

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