Thank you for listening Apple

So wonderful to see powerful switch access make its way to iOS7, thanks to Apple listening to the likes of Christopher Hills, Kate Aherne, Will Wade, Includification and others. Gives me great hope for a more accessible future. Will Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam and others follow suit I wonder and make the world a more equal place.

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A World First for Game Accessibility

Game Developer's Association of Australia: Game Accessibility Award in 2013

GDAA logo: Game Developer's Association of Australia: Game Accessibility Award in 2013

17 September 2013, this fantastic news cribbed direct from the GDAA site: Australia is leading the world in making games accessibility a priority. The latest demonstration of commitment to enabling a wider cross section of the community be catered for when playing games is the inaugural Accessibility Award announced by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA) as part of the 2013 Australian Game Developer Awards. This follows on from the inclusion of accessibility considerations by Film Victoria and Screen Australia when allocating funding to game development projects.

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Game Accessibility Super Lucky Dip

Some really wonderful game accessibility news has stacked up in my in-box lately. Too little time to do it all justice but here's the links:

Able Gamers open their first game accessibility lab, where people can visit and try out accessibility gear. You can see a short video clip on the lab here (in German thanks to Sandra Uhling). I hope this, along with the SpecialEffect Centre is just their first of many more to surface (thanks to Techi Myoko for tip-off).

Wii-U New Super Luigi U "brings accessibility to a nearly blind girl."

Open Source Hardware: Copy and Paste Empowerment. Great article from Caleb Kraft at the EE Times.

Subtitles on Steam: Wonderful to see Kristina Barber's campaign for steam to list what games have subtitles greated with what seems like success. It's not perfect, but it's definitely a significant step forward (thanks to Ian Hamilton for the update).

SpecialEffect Windows phone app is launched for keeping up to speed with much of their news. And a glimpse of the sculpture created by Alex Kostov using just his eyes.


Beyond the call of Duty

SpecialEffect ambassador Shaz Hossain sums up what SE means to him in 2 minutes, with voice over from Cassie Smith. Wish I could make videos this slick and to the point. See SpecialEffect at this year's EuroGamer by the way.

On an AT geekery level, I think this set-up uses a Traxsys/Penny and Giles Roller Plus Joystick (recognised by a PC as a mouse device) with switch interface, an additional Crick USB Switch Interface, a mix of switches, a Maxess Switch Tray, an arcade stick of some type and Cronus Device to patch this up from PC across to PS3.


Somebody Stole My Thunder

Portishead station.


Control your Xbox with the Tecla Shield for iOS

To a limited extent, it's possible to control your Xbox using an iOS device and accessible switch and/or joystick interface. Based on Microsoft's Xbox Smart Glass for iOS devices and using the excellent Tecla Shield iOS interface this is a very nice addition to game console accessibility.

This is no where near as powerful or versatile as a JoyToKey, PC and Cronus device set-up, but it's certainly a lot smaller, with a more attractive interface, and points the way forward.

Many thanks to Will Wade for the tip.

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Mole Hammers

Mole Hammers screen shot. A cartoon mole appears from a hole wearing a protective helmet. Two toy mallets hover over its head.

Screen shot of the colourful cartoon Mole Hammers one-switch game.

Screen shot of the colourful cartoon Mole Hammers one-switch game. Menu screen reads, "READY?" Push the button to swing the gammer. Hit moles to score points.

Another colourful and fun one or two-player on-line one-switch game from Finland's Oivoi. The really nice thing about Mole Hammers is that in two-player mode the moles stay up until a player takes their turn. So slow reactions are not an issue here if the two-players are evenly matched.

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