One Switch Driving Games (PS3 and Xbox)

The method above enables one-switch play on almost any driving game on PS3 and Xbox 360. Within a sentence, it involves a C-SID Ultra and Windows PC running JoyToKey.

To make things even more accessible my brand-new Tentacular 360 kit is added with VRAA speed control box (see below). This works brilliantly with Driver: San Francisco. You'll need help to pick a vehicle of your choice, set a speed that's comfortable then away you go with one-switch. If you get stuck, some extra help may be needed to reverse out of trouble.

For greater compatibility the Cronus Max is said to work on Xbox One (can't wait to try this). All PS3s will run PSone games to the best of my knowledge, and the classic 60GB PS3 will run PS2 games too.

Tentacular ( adapted Xbox 360 joypad). Black with an attached VGA cable.

Tentacular with attached VRAA! speed control box.

Tentacular Mini Joy / Thumb-stick for improved accessibility. From

Tentacular with attached VRAA! speed control box, Mini Joy and Vibro Capsule.

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