Easier Internet: Dobson's Choice and Speak It!

A screen-shot of Dobson's Choice accessible browser: A man with glasses, black hair and a smiley face next to a range of media icons, including News, Sports, Travel, Entertainment, Essex, Interests, Services, People and Places. Recent websites are diplayed on the left, including The Sun, ITV and the BBC.

Dobson's Choice is described as a "Google for people with learning disabilities". It's a launch pad to the Internet where you click an icon once to hear a choice described and then click it again if you want to choose it.

There are said to be around 1000 elements covered, but you'll often find yourself away from the accessibility of Dobson's Choice and into a standard web-site. For this, if you use Chrome, I'd highly recommend installing "Speak It!" which allows you to highlight text then have it read out loud (in a choice of different languages).

Links via: Thurrock POINT.

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