Skoog going main-stream

Straight from Skoog HQ...

"Happily Apple have decided to join the skoog-musical revolution, making it available on its website, across Europe. We hope this will raise the profile of accessible music making, new musicians and alternative approaches to making music across the world.

The film features a new composition composed especially for Skoog by Nigel Osborne, called 'Let's Do This'. The music forms the backbone to the film and, drum track aside, all the parts are played on Skoog. Skoogmusic has already commissioned remixes of the piece from Lyn Levett (Charles Hazelwood's Paraorchestra) and Charlotte White (Drakemusic and Enableus). We will be sharing all the note files, skores and loops from the original recordings to inspire Skoogists around the world to create their own interpretations of the piece.

Our goal with Skoog has always been to make music-making as accessible as possible, and through the Apple Store this dream is starting to become a reality. We are now able to bring the Skoog to many more people across the world. The Skoog software is now available to download in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. With the User Manual available in the Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish as well!"

Skoog on the Apple store. Works on PCs too by the way! Fantastic to see the dreams I first saw in 2006 coming to fruition. Fantastic to see such an accessible musical instrument making its way into the mainstream. Long may it continue to improve.

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