OneSwitch Work In Progress

OneSwitch assistive technology, work in progress. An adapted Xbox 360 joypad, VRAA! box, External thumb-stick, Vibro capsule and Ablenet Switch

Above is a some work in progress at OneSwitch. You can see an adapted wired Xbox 360 joypad, VRAA! box, external joystick, Vibro-capsule and Able Net Big Red switch. So what can it do?

The VRAA! box (bottom-middle) is primarily designed as a speed limiter for car games. By adjusting the rotary dial, you can limit the top speed of your car to make it easier to control. This can be latched on using the on/off switch, or controlled with a plug-in switch such as the big red one pictured.

The small external thumb-stick is designed to be hand-held or mounted into a suitable place (using Velcro or No More Nails removable strips). It's comfortable for some to be used hand-held, but equally so can be used as a chin-joystick with an appropriate mount.

The Vibro-Capsule allows you to place it in a pocket or up a sleeve so that the player who may not be able to hold the Joypad can benefit from haptic-feedback.

The accessories all connect to the wired Xbox 360 joypad, which can be used as is, or added to a C-SID with an Xbox 360. It can also be used with a PC and with additional Cronus Adapter with a Playstation 3. I'm just working on getting the cables right at the minute then will be looking to make these available as soon as I can alongside the Cronus Device with supporting profiles.

Keep an eye on the blog for more. Lots of exciting stuff going on in the background with the Cronus too and some less expensive solutions. 

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