One Handed Controller ULTRA

One Hand Controller ULTRA for reconfigurable accessible gaming on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Basic mode works on Playstation 2.

UPDATE: This no longer includes the extra Xbox360 joypad, but will now work on everything mentioned below plus Xbox One and if a Windows PC is used, PS4 too.

I've added a One Handed Controller ULTRA option to the Accessible Gaming Shop. It's £160 for a limited time plus postage, so not cheap, but it is very powerful for the one handed player. Here's what you can do with it...

• Use with a Playstation 2 (basic use only).
• Use with Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.
• Access 10 control configuration modes at the press of a button.
• Reconfigure these modes as you wish using a PC.
• Emulate some basic six-axis motion controls.
• Use as a Mouse on a Windows PC.
• Use the Xbox Joypad at the same time, perhaps using your feet.
• As good for left as right handed one-handed play.
• Add latching, auto-fire, control cycling and more (requires a PC link)

You can download the supporting software from Nothing on the horizon yet for Xbox One nor PS4 (what a suprise!) so this may be the best solution yet for one handed gamers.

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