Normal Service Will Resume...

Linked to some powerful game accessibility solutions I'm currently tying together, I've just uploaded a page on the Cronus Device plus the layout standards I have formed. This will be a part of making the following possible on PS3 and Xbox 360:
  • Reducing and simplifying controls. More one and two-switch games. More power to simplified control scheme of other types.
  • Control combinations, such as adding a PC analogue joystick to a C-SID and/or foot pedals added to a standard arcade stick.
  • Easy configuration profile switching once set-up. Hit a switch to cycle through an almost unlimited range. Sound effects and speech can be used for those unable to read profile names.
  • Control latching, auto-fire, profile cycling, binding multiple-controls to one button, analogue sensitivity adjustments, making digital sticks emulate varying sensitivity and more.
Once this stuff is in place, I'll be looking to resume my book of one-switch games. I know... just in time for the PS4 and Xbox One. That's game accessibility. Always playing catch up.

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