D.I.Y. Switch Adapted Franklin Sports Pitching Machine

The Franklin Sports Pitching Machine is fun when used for purpose or as a ball throwing machine to play with a dog. You could also mount it to a wheelchair and use it for target games too. It's an absolute breeze to adapt for switch use if you're handy with a drill and a soldering iron. If you don't have a soldering iron, you could always use SUGRU (see this Tattoo Switch for the idea).

You will need: A Franklin Sports Pitching Machine No. 6696S3 (try Google). A 3.5mm mono switch socket (I like PRO SIGNAL - MJ-073H sockets from Farnell). A drill and drill bit (Likely 5.5mm or 7.5mm). A short-length of wire (e.g. 16strand/0.2mm wire). Tape or shrink wrap. A soldering iron and lead-free solder or a small pouch of SUGRU. Screwdrivers. Wire strippers or a knife (be careful). Accessibility switch.

1. Remove Battery cover underneath.
2. Remove the four rubber feet then the six screws. Carefully pull the base apart.
3. Cut the black cable that leads to the battery terminal (encircled in yellow below) and expose 1.5cm of bare wire at each end.
4. Drill a hole for your 3.5mm switch socket. Try to pick a clear space.
5. Solder/SUGRU two lengths of wire to the switch socket. Fit the socket, then connect to the previously exposed wires as pictured below. Use tape or shrink-wrap to insulate the join.
6. Reassemble.

Insert 4x D batteries, turn the unit on, then test with an accessibility switch. Have fun! Should work something like these YouTube videos: Unadapted and Adapted.


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