Colin McDonnell playing a PS2 game with an accessible C-SID controller with joystick.

Dominic playing a PS3 or Xbox 360 game using a C-SID accessible controller.

Love the two-pictures above of gamers playing using C-SIDs. Colin of the brilliant Adapted 4 Switches pictured at the William Merrit DLC and Dominic at SpecialEffect who collectively do dazzling invaluable work.

These are straight forward C-SID controllers, that allow you hook up switches and some joysticks. You can also swap the function of the joystick between D-PAD or either thumb-stick.

The "Ultra" part is linked to a couple of C-SID accessories I'm working on, one being a speed controller for driving games that are too fast. Second being making use of a PC as an extra "brain" for making games more accessible. This means any switch or control on the C-SID can be given more power, such as auto-fire, latching, control cycling and more. Additionally, it's possible to add extra PC standard controls, such as a real analogue joystick.


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