SpecialEffect at EuroGamer 2013 in Persian and Private Eye

GAME ON Violent or not, it appears video gaming is here to stay... SCENE & HEARD (from Private Eye 2013) by David Ziggy Geene. Cartoon of the EuroGamer 2013 event, including a cartoon of Isaac playing Fifa with his feet.

Private Eye cartoon from Scene & Heard. Isaac playing FIFA with his feet with caption, "Taught himself to use the controller with his feet!" and him saying "It takes you away from reality. You wouldn't shoot someone in real life but it's a way of letting out anger or happiness or whatever."

SpecialEffect at EuroGamer 2013 made it's influence felt in Private Eye, in Persian (around the 3:17 mark) and beyond. Please also do take a look at their "Playing with your Eyes" fund-raiser which has a short-time left to reach it's total.


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