Game Accessibility Super Lucky Dip

Some really wonderful game accessibility news has stacked up in my in-box lately. Too little time to do it all justice but here's the links:

Able Gamers open their first game accessibility lab, where people can visit and try out accessibility gear. You can see a short video clip on the lab here (in German thanks to Sandra Uhling). I hope this, along with the SpecialEffect Centre is just their first of many more to surface (thanks to Techi Myoko for tip-off).

Wii-U New Super Luigi U "brings accessibility to a nearly blind girl."

Open Source Hardware: Copy and Paste Empowerment. Great article from Caleb Kraft at the EE Times.

Subtitles on Steam: Wonderful to see Kristina Barber's campaign for steam to list what games have subtitles greated with what seems like success. It's not perfect, but it's definitely a significant step forward (thanks to Ian Hamilton for the update).

SpecialEffect Windows phone app is launched for keeping up to speed with much of their news. And a glimpse of the sculpture created by Alex Kostov using just his eyes.


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