Lucky Dip

Black and white image of a young girl operating a toy vending / capsule toy machine.

A huge swathe of interesting potential access developments have washed up in my e-mail lately. Too many to do justice to so here's another lucky dip post.

Teaching Switch Skills Beyond Cause and Effect: Brilliant to see Kate Aherne back blogging. This is one of her more recent invaluable posts.

London South Bank University Enable Gaming event: 31 Aug 2013 10:00-19:00 "Enable Gaming is inviting you to share your dev expertise with London Southbank University (LSBU) students and mentor them as they make one-button games in a day for Lifelites projects in children’s hospices. Enable Gaming is a project between Lifelites and LSBU." Via Siobhan Thomas on IGDA GASIG list.

Vibration developments: ViviTouch HD seeking to bring a wider range of feel to games than just rumbles. Via Sandra Uhling on the IGDA GASIG list.

Hybrid Braille: Thailand Association of The Blind's Storybook [and font] for All Eyes. Via Techni Myoko.

Kinect sensor modified for wheelchair gaming. Hello Microsoft! That would be great for the new Kinect, please.

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  1. # Blogger K

    Thanks so much Barrie. I have a new job doing state wide AT, I am hoping that I am back to blogging full force. Kate  

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