Best Xbox 360 One Hand Solution to date

Montage of a PS2 One Hand Controller, a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter, and a XCM Re-mapper device. Great for making video games more accessible for one-handed gamers.

Jeff Humm recently bought a One Hand Controller from me, but struggled with the shoulder buttons (marked on the PS2 controller as L1, L2, R1 and R2). He tracked down a nice solution for his Xbox 360 for an extra £60 approx. on top of the price of the controller.

The hardware needed is: One One Handed Controller from me at OneSwitch for £55 plus postage (also easily available from eBay). A PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter from eBay (as pictured above) for about £11. An XCM Re-Mapper device from eBay which are currently going for about £50. There's no need to connect an official Xbox 360 JoyPad with this set-up either, which is a boon. You can do the same with PS3 as seen in this SpecialEffect video using the XCM Swapper.

With this set-up you can move the controls around to make a more comfortable/possible one-handed playing arrangement. If only all games allowed you to reconfigure controls from the off, Jeff could have saved himself £60. So many disabled gamers are penalised in this way. Seems unfair to me.

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