FingerTip Controllers (1982)

Circa 1982 Ken Yankelevitz adapted Atari VCS 2600 games console for improved accessibility. Discarded in a dusty looking garage along with old black and white portable monitor and stand.

After finding the top picture whilst researching for my ever-so-slow book, and knowing it to be the work of game controller accessibility pioneer Ken Yankelevitz (see the video above 1min 26 in), I was curious to know if the unloved set-up still exists. I would love to get hold of it.

Thanks to "Moonsweeper" on the AtariAge forums, I've got the name of the "FingerTip Controllers" and a tip to trawl through early US video gaming magazine "Electronic Games". This proved easy to do thanks to a brilliant archive at Digital Press. From October 1982 onwards I tracked down adverts for Ken's controllers and a fascinating historic article from Diane Yankelevitz in the February 1983 edition.

1982 Advert for the discontinued FingerTip Controller for the Atari (VCS) placed in the October 1982 Electronic Games magazine. The advert reads, "$19.95. Works with all games that use a joystick. Direct from the manufacturer, KY Enterprises, Available in kit form - $14.95, shipping charge $3. 5 responsive arcade-quality durable buttons for 4 directions and "fire". Faster direction changes. Rapid firing improves scores. 2 year warantee. 30-day moneyback guarantee. Left-hand models available. Attaches to top of video game console. Controllers for handicapped also available. Write for information.

FingerTip Controller for the Atari VCS from KY Enterprises (circa 1982).

Gaming and the Handicapped. February 1983 article from Electronic Games.

1983 Advert for FingerTip Controller and other game accessibility controllers, including a sip-puff device.


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