Moon Waltz

Screen shot from Moon Waltz, of a cartoon town at night. A "Werewolfs don't exist!!" sign is pasted on a building, with a cigarette holding werewolf in front of it approaching a man in shades and a striped T-shirt.

Fun, but potentially ultra-violent, Major Beuno's Moon Waltz, gives you the power to reveal a full moon using the SPACE BAR. This will affect the state of a young man walking to the end of his town to buy some cigarettes, who happens to be a Werewolf.

You can choose to wreak absolute pandemonium upon the town, or try to be a more upstanding citizen. Hugely accessible, with a variety of different endings. My only wish is that you didn't need an additional switch to start and restart (key "R"), as this would make a brilliant pure one-switch game

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  1. # Blogger Don Calaca

    Very simple, very fun game, its a shame you have to click "R" at the end  

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