iOS7 - Switches > Switch Source > Head Movement

Apple are really starting to get their act together as regards switch access so it seems looking at previews of the iOS7 accessibility options.

The "Activate a switch on your input device now, or enable a built-in switch" looks like a way to make all the disparate methods of interfacing work (I hope). Love the addition of the head-switch using the built in camera. I assume accuracy would improve with the iPhone, iPad, iPod being mounted, rather than wobbling around in the hands of the user.

More info at 9To5 Mac, with thanks to Will Wade for the tip.

Screen shot of iOS7 Accessibility Switches options: Heading reads, Switches, Switch Source. Below reads, Activate a switch on your input device now, or enable a built-in switch. Screen: Control Switch control by tapping anywhere on the screen. Left Head Movement: Right Head Movement: Control Switch Control by tilting your head to the left or the right.

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