iOS 7: Better Switch Access On the Way

I've made no secret that I think current Apple iOS switch access is a confusing mess and extremely limited. With news of the pending iOS7 operating system update (see the video above (update: the clip was swiftly removed after publication - have a test card instead)), it looks like things could be improving soon. I'm second guessing, but I think there will still be some way to go before the following ever becomes a reality...

For Apple to set up a versatile Alternative User Interface Device protocol. Something that takes into account switch, joypad and mouse/head-tracker/eye-gaze access.

That (ideally) the wide range of existing switch interfaces remain compatible with the new interfacing protocol.

That a keyboard can be used to simulate a switch interface, and ideally a mouse can be used to simulate a future head-tracker or eye-tracker interface to keep costs down for developers. This would also open up a path for a wide range of controllers being developed for alternative access and some exciting D.I.Y. hacks.

That switches can be set-up to trigger held presses, taps, emulated gestures/taps, and work on old Apps and games (even if only to a limited extent).

Multiple-controller profiles being possible to easily set-up, save and load. How brilliant this would be for massively improving physical access to iPhones, iPods and iPads.

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2 Responses to 'iOS 7: Better Switch Access On the Way'

  1. # Blogger vlmaples

    How do we get to be beta testers for this?  

  2. # Blogger

    I don't think Apple open much up in that way. Developers have an early version of iOS7 but have to pay for the privledge:

    You could try e-mailing them via accessibility @  

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