Hug Punx vs. Punks Not Dead

Screen shot from HugPunx. Black background, pink 8-bit style graphics of three lamp-posts, a bike and a woman arms outstretched for a hug, by some baby-blue figures waiting for a hug.

Screen shot from PunksNotDead. Black background, pink 8-bit style graphics, a burnt out car and group of punks running about.

HugPunx and PunksNotDead are two games sharing simple controls but opposing Utopian/Dystopian scenarios when the world turned Day-glo.

Both require excellent tracking skills, as it's easy to lose track of your character when things get busy. HugPunx is incredibly easy to complete. PunksNotDead is nightmarishly hard (even with the extra ability to jump bullets). Great music in both and striking pink on black graphics. HugPunx can be made one-switch accessible using William Pilgrim's brilliant 4Noah 2010 Beta utility. A one-switch hugging simulator. Hmm... Recon it wouldn't be too tough to adapt a hugging machine for real (see below).

Squeeze Machine

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  1. # Blogger Don Calaca

    hugpunx is a great gama that i have to convert to one switch game, I really like the concept and the simplicity  

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