10 Years of OneSwitch.org.uk

10 Years of OneSwitch.org.uk - 2003-2013

Today (10.06.2013) is the 10th anniversary of OneSwitch.org.uk being launched as an official business. Before then I was toying with it being a charity or something in between. It was started to share ideas and to try and make a small difference in the world.

It's nice to look back, and I'm so pleased to have started this journey for the many wonderful and supportive people I've come into contact with. It's good to look forward too. The book I planned to have ready today, OneSwitch 100, is still being written, but I'm determined to finish it. Coming soon too will be a solderless D.I.Y. switch interface and D.I.Y. analogue controls. Far off in the future another two books are planned. So many ideas, and so little time...


4 Responses to '10 Years of OneSwitch.org.uk'

  1. # Anonymous Thierry Danigo

    Very happy birthday to OneSwitch !
    A essential web site about accessible games !!!  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Thanks, Thierry!  

  3. # Blogger Don Calaca

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! keep it up 10 more  

  4. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk


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