"Very Manly Computer Interface"

Love this video by Kurt Robinson of his "Very Manly Computer Interface". His set-up is designed to alleviate some of the pains caused by repetitive and fine motion, and I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like it. Brilliant!

I was sorry though to be unable to help Kurt more with some X-keys switch interface issues he has been having. Certain dialogue buttons within Windows are not responding to switch input emulating keyboard and mouse input. Admin mode is not fixing this for him. Any ideas anyone?

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  1. # Blogger kurtR

    Thanks, Barrie, for posting my video and my nonfunctioning-switch issue. I've made some progress on the latter. After updating my switch interface software to MacroWorks 3.1, my switches are working in all applications. Guess I should have tried that earlier. Windows security alert dialogs are still not responding, but that's a very minor problem.

    I'm finding a lot of great stuff on your blog. Thanks again!

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Coolio. I think it's got to be worth asking Microsoft direct too as this issue may affect many people:



  3. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Glad you're enjoying trawling the blog too. Great to hear!  

  4. # Blogger Unknown

    Kurt should be invited onto the "Man Lab" show. James May would love this stuff.

    Thanks for posting Kurt's video.

    Mike Taylor

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