The New Xbox: Brand New You're Retro

Circa 1982 Ken Yankelevitz adapted Atari VCS 2600 games console for improved accessibility. Discarded in a dusty looking garage along with old black and white portable monitor and stand.

The dusty old set-up above was a once loved Ken Yankelevitz adapted Atari VCS 2600 games console. Probably dating from 1982 this set-up features push button handsets using off the shelf arcade parts.

This sorry sight replicates the fate of a lot of old assistive gaming technology. If it won't connect to the next generation (in this case the Nintendo Entertainment System) then a completely new set of custom controls often need to be built. Expensive and rendering the old set-up redundant for many people after the latest in gaming.

Whilst many are looking forward to the new Xbox being revealed on Tuesday, I'm left thinking after the PS3 and Wii-U launch, can console game controllers get any more complex and disabling? Fingers crossed Microsoft will have given accessibility more thought this time around.


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