Top 25 Accessible Gaming Web Sites Awards - 2013

The Rezillos: Out of this world; Record cover from a 1950s style D.I.Y. Electronics for Children booklet, with a young boy in jumper and tie, with black wrap-around shade working on an electronics project.

It's a very good feeling to be Five years at the top of 7-128 Software's Top Web-sites for physically disabled gamers. I'm chuffed to bits. I'm just one of a growing range of people, working in this field, trying to remove unnecessary barriers. has been going over ten years now. Back in 2002 and fresher faced, it was built on foundations set out by many others as well as my own discoveries and inventions. Back in 1994 I was especially inspired by the resources my manager Molly Murphy had assembled at the day centre we both worked at.

When I started there I discovered already in place Brilliant Software's accessible games and learning activities for the wonderful BBC Micro using switches, joystick and touch screens. I discovered Snoezelen's (as I understand our Day Centre possibly had the first one in the UK). I also found evidence beyond Rompa and AbleNet equipment of a small range of what looked like D.I.Y. switch accessible items. Beyond the battery interrupters for cassette recorders were tailor built switches and a switch accessible music-box that some home hacker had built. Ah, nostalgia! But there's so much left to do.

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