Dive Kick vs. WOTEH 2 vs. Tekken 6

Dive Kick menu screen - with two-button / two-switch play.

Dive Kick screen shot of two players in flight.

Dive-Kick two-button / two-switch accessible fighting controller.

DiveKick is a two-switch / two-button fighting game due out in Spring on PC, PS3 and the Vita. Looks fun, and the controllers use arcade standard jumbo buttons that are pretty easy to mount and illuminate if you wanted to build your own controller.

Reminded me of the two-accessibility switch Tekken 6 I set up at Develop Brighton with SpecialEffect, and later at RE:PLAY 2011. That way used Kick and Punch for your two buttons, and if you held both you'd trigger a grab move. Players at Blackpool almost destroyed the table they were so rough, but the switches survived. Two-buttons is enough for really fun two-player battles. But what about one-switch?

For the ultimate in one-switch fighting controls, I highly recommend trying the PC game Way of the Empty Hand 2 by Graeme Singh. Love that 2009 game, and I'd be well chuffed to see its one-button mechanics featured in the next Capcom, Namco or SEGA fighting game as an option.

Many thanks to Ian Hamilton for the link.

Way of the Empty Hand 2 - one-switch accessible fighting game

Tekken 6 - being played two-switch / two-button style using accessibility switches - not unlike the later DiveKick.

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5 Responses to 'Dive Kick vs. WOTEH 2 vs. Tekken 6'

  1. # Blogger Don Calaca

    Woooow, its a really great game!, I have to have it, and I have to make my own version of the game  

  2. # Blogger Don Calaca

    I just make a little research about the game, when I saw 2 buttons and a 2 player game I thought it was one button per player, but I was wrong, is 2 button per player

    That gives me more to play with since I want one button per player game  

  3. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Cool. I've always loved Way of the Exploding Hand 2 (which is one-switch). Would love to see something like that but with bigger more impressive graphics.  

  4. # Blogger Don Calaca

    I want to see that game but is for PC and I only have a mac, I need to try it to understand it :(  

  5. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    This YouTube clip is a bit rough, but shows the controls and game play at the same time: http://youtu.be/m4M-G_x0U2w - Otherwise maybe worth pinging them on their Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/DivekickGame  

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