Silent Skies (PC)

Screen shot from One switch / One button game Silent Skies: A vectorised floating city with solid red trains with carriages circling round and round, whilst a solid white plane flies over head.

I've got a simple idea: Post up a one-switch playable game for people to try once a week. I remember back in 2003 how rare it was to find such games, but there's an unmanageable amount now. I'll try to sift through some and pass them on, especially if they don't require pin-point timing as many do. If I treat it as research for the later stages of my "One Switch 100" book, I might even stick to it. Anyway.... to Silent Skies....

Silent Skies (free download for PC) from Michael Todd is a short flying game with four levels to complete. I first learnt of it about three years ago from the Kokoromi Gamma IV competition, but I gave up checking Michael's web-site when it didn't appear. Well it's there now.

The first level is the most peaceful, with the aim being to collect a batch of floating stars. Things get more violent from level two on, with shooting and bombing runs and a demonic end boss level. Apart from level two, you get a helpful arrow pointing you in the direction that you need to go. It looks great and plays nicely. It does require held presses (of the SPACE bar or "A" button on an Xbox 360 pad or you can most other USB joypads using the likes of JoyToKey), and pretty good spatial awareness. It also made me feel a bit motion sick, which could be an issue for some players. Makes me think how nice a one-switch sky-writing game might be.

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