RRODE (on-line)

RRODE screen shot. Text reads "LEVEL 5: The rescue 2. Not all stars are so easy to collect..." A purple orb stuck to a blue orb in space, adjacent to a smaller blue orb. A star floats in space at an awkward angle.

RRODE by Emanuele Feronato is a simple one-switch game requiring immense patience and skill. Thankfully, this also features a Pop Cap style Relax Mode, enabling you to retry a failed level until you beat it or it beats you. In an ideal world there would be speed control options on this, but sadly not. I did try slowing this down with CPU Killer, but it's a jerky mess when you do.

Left-click to play. SPACE bar to reset a level. Click on the image to play. More to follow...

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