10 Years since Digitiser

Various characters from Teletext's Digitiser, including the Snakes, Sincere Dave, Turner the Worm, Phoning Honey, Mr. T and his bins and more.

The game magazine Digitiser, on Channel 4's Teletext channel was a wonderful thing. It ran for 10 years from 1993 to 2003, and for the main part was bonkers fun. Completely up to date before most people had the internet whilst using 1970s Teletext graphics. You had to be there (and probably be of a certain age range) to have fully appreciated how good it was. The following links may give a small taste.

The Teletext Preservation Project have a 'carousel' of Digitiser pages from 1995. The Way Back Machine has archived pages from Digi's early parallel web-pages (not nearly as good though for some reason).  Disposable Media ran an interview with Paul Rose who ran Digitiser. Super Page 58 is the main tribute site. Update: Great Wiki site here too and amazing upload of 125 original editions to the Teletext Preservation Project.

Digitiser letters at the end in 2003.

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