SpecialEffect Switch Adapted Lego Train Set

SpecialEffect switch adapted Lego Train set ("Cargo-Train-7939")

I was recently contacted by the Mum of a young lad with Cerebral Palsy both keen to get him kitted out with a switch adapted train-set. He'd used a Lego train-set at Kent's excellent CAT service and loved it.

Through SpecialEffect, I was set the task of replicating Kent CAT's brilliant adapted train-set (which I had previously seen at their Techno Talk event), but using a switch adapted Doro infra-red learning remote, which they had said they couldn't get to work. I was pleased to learn that although fiddly to teach the infra-red codes (you have to spin the orange speed control fast for a fairly short-burst of time), once it is working, it seems to stay working. Even when you remove the batteries for a short-time.

And as a nod to the adapted train-sets spanning back decades, here's a link to many more. Just great to find a relatively simple way to get modern day train-sets working. Find more D.I.Y. details at the YouTube page.

Lego "8879" IR Speed Remote Control (left) Doro EasyHandle 321rc remote control (right)

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