2012: All Blogged One Switch Games

Fruit Ninja Kapow - One-switch style for chopping flying fruit and avoiding bombs.

One Switch Games Blogged in 2012

Basketball 2012 - Google doodle olympics themed game.
Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise - Wii rhythm based micro-game mix.
City Sniper Shoot-Out - Superb PC terrorist battle from Tam Toucan.
DJ Hero 2 - Xbox 360 and PS3 DJ mixing game with one-switch mode.
Fruit Ninja Kapow - On-line Fruit Ninja tribute for one-switch play.
GameBase Video Olympicks - SpecialEffect's celebration of accessible olympic themed games, including the superb Vehicle Simulator for one-switch sailing.
Help Kidz Learn - An ever growing mix of polished on-line and iPad switch accessible games for beginners.
Micro Sprint - Overhead race game on PC for one to eight players.
One Dimensional Pong - Huge strip light game of pong.
Punch the Custard - Bonkers PC game for one or two players and real custard.

Favourite Other Posts of 2012

Sip-puff Carnage; LP Accessible TechnologiesSwitch Dog Ball Launcher; DIY Switch Access to Infrared Devices; Switchamajig; Hands Up; Catching up with Ellie; Thurrock Point; "Why Touch Screens Scare Me"; Mynd Play; CEEFAX was here; Skoog single sided play; iPad vs. RCA Studio II; Makey Makey DIY kit; Holy Grail of Controller Accessibility; Video Olympicks 2012; Switch Nerf Thunderstorm Water Pistol; One Switch Reader; AAC in 1974 and 1982; Game Accessibility Guidelines; Includification; Switch adapted BUZZ controllers; Switch adapted Wii-U controller; One Switch 100.

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