Voice control over Xbox 360 and PS3

Great work over at SpecialEffect by my colleagues running with the Cronus device. They have speech controls working via affordable off-the-shelf products on Xbox 360 (and likely PS3 too).

For the Xbox 360, a wired Xbox 360 controller is needed, a PC, GlovePie or  Say2Play and the control remapping software Bullseye.

This makes me wonder about using VOCAs, AAC and other sound emitting devices. For instance, using Inclusive's new SmoothTalker (see video below), you could use one switch to trigger random controls in a game. For instance, a random selection of fighting moves for Tekken (I guess they'd be some lag, but it should still be fun).

When I get time (a very limited commodity) I'd be curious to investigate using keyboard scripts (i.e. via AutoHotKey) to cycle through commands (a bit like this two-switch music player). Maybe to trigger a range of sound samples, maybe to interface directly with the Cronus device.

EDIT: Excellent additional information via Lily Ellis (no relation) at Dual-Ring.

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