Text reading Defitech Fondation over an image of a Swiss jet plance flying over the Swiss Alps.

Taking a quick flight across the internet to the Swiss Defitech Fondation will find you a brilliant site packed full of assistive technology work and ideas.

I especially enjoyed reading through their Handigeek blog which features some switch access ideas and do it yourself guides (click on "contacteurs"). Excellent!


4x Accessibility Switch DDR

Switch Accessible Game Dance Dance Revolution.

Above is a quick and fairly easy hack I made to bring switch access to PS2 Konami Dance Mat games. The lovely thing about Dance Dance Revolution games is the range of accessibility options, including standard and alternative control methods, easier play options (including a play to the end of the song option) and contrast options for visually impaired gamers.

This set-up has been added to the SpecialEffect loan library for people to borrow.

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SpecialEffect: Game On For Charlotte

The video above links to support SpecialEffect are giving to a charming four-year old girl, Charlotte Nott, to help her find more games to play.

The Wii set-up features an adapted Wii remote, similar to Ellie's mentioned before here, but with A,B,1 and 2 switches made accessible via switches. This adaptation is a royal pain in the back-side to do, but as with most D.I.Y. adaptations, the end result makes it worth it.

The Kinect game is called Fruit Ninja by the way. Note to self: Stop using fat soldering iron tips. Life would be easier.

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Luke Lundin

Musician Luke Lundin talking about performing and his use of the Yamaha Tenori-on. One-switch musicians can use something similar with the PC title "Tink" by William Pilgrim.

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