Catching up with Ellie

Ellie with her light-weight Wii remote, on long term loan from Accessible Gaming charity, SpecialEffect.

It was so nice to catch up with Ellie and family earlier this month. She uses a controller I modified for her a while back for SpecialEffect. Great to see it still working, and to hear from her what a difference it made. There's a video interview to follow with Ellie and her Mum later, for which they both did a top job.


Hands Up!

Hands Up! is a ten episode mini-series broadcast by Channel 4 in 1990 to teach British Sign Language. It uses Teletext standard graphics and I have to say, I think it does a brilliant job.

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Console Switch Interface Deluxe (C-SID)

In this month's Disability Magazine (due out 17th of February 2012) there's a feature of computer based assistive technology. I'm told my C-SID will be getting a slot too, so if so, thank you! Not sure if it will make the interview, but if ever anyone finds a way to make these simpler, cheaper but just as versatile, I'll honestly be delighted!

The video above is of Enable Ireland's C-SID. Very tidy I have to say. A few more C-SID videos can be viewed in the main-post below.

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Although the iPad is currently a poor platform for switch access until any kind of standard is adopted, the iPad itself can be an excellent switch itself when paired to a Switchamajig so it seems. The video above pretty much explains it all. Very nice!

I'd love to see something like this stretching out in versatility to give greater access to games consoles, or at least allowing for a broader range of input methods beyond the touch screen.

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Double Flexzi

MERU Double Flexzi mounting system for access.

Just seen that MERU's brand-new Double Flexzi / Flexzi 2 are available on eBay UK. Available in Hot Pink, Electric Green or Midnight Black in three different sizes, with velcro or clamp base. They look like a very nice solution for heavier items. The eBay description says from £53, but the but-it-now price is £67.60.

Find other mounting solutions at the Accessible Gaming Shop.


DIY Switch Access to Infrared Devices

Doro EasyHandle 321rc remote control adapted by OneSwitch for switch access.

Have just added a DIY guide for switch adapting the Doro EasyHandle 321rc. This device allows you to clone specific infrared signals from the likes of TV remote controls, and assign them to a switch.

There's only room in this remote for two-switch sockets, but by rehousing the guts of it you can give access to all of the available buttons (although six sockets is about the limit for reliable use I'm guessing).

So what can you do with it? Some quick ideas are: To give switch control over some of the Robosapien line of toys, control a train-set (such as the LEGO City Passenger Train - Set No 7938) and of course control many different types of TV and music remotes.

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Switch Accessible RC Tumbler Car

The video above is of one of my switch adapted Hitari Tumblers available in the OneSwitch shop. One switch to spin, and the other to go forwards. To my knowledge these are the most powerful radio controlled cars for use with accessibility switches.

In the spirit of balance and probably my bad business sense, here are some alternatives.

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Not one to blow my own trumpet, but...

We Are The Champions.

Only joshing, but I'm delighted to be awarded one of the top spots again at's yearly Top Websites for Accessible Gaming awards. Huge thanks to and to all the shoulders OneSwitch stands upon.

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Gone Accessible Fishing

Captain Birdseye.

I'm not a fan of fishing even when made more accessible as I've said before on this blog, but I can't help but be impressed by two new-to-me automated casting rods found on YouTube.

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Switch Dog Ball Launcher

Switch adapted baseball pitching machine used to launch a ball to exercise a dog.

Over at SpecialEffect I recently supported Sophie Patmore's family to trace a ball launching machine so that she could play with their dog. Her Dad knocked up the switch adaptation and all has worked out well.

If you search eBay, Amazon or Yahoo Auctions Japan these "MLB Pitching Machines" are fairly easy to find. Adaptation looks pretty straight forward too. An alternative is demonstrated by the Utah Centre for Assistive Technology with their adapted "GoDogGo!" unit.

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LP Accessible Technologies

LP Accessible Technologies Accessible Controller for Xbox 360.

It's not often that I discover a new business creating accessible game controllers. LP Accessible Technologies is such a thing. Looks like early days though as they only seem to have prototype controllers.

Take a look at their YouTube video channel for a better look at their wireless Xbox 360 Assistive Technology controller.

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Sip Puff Carnage

Liberator Sip-Puff accessible rifle shooting system.

Via Liberty Worx LCC: "The Spirit of America is alive and well in the hearts and souls of great Americans who care about their fellow man. The Spirit BloodBrothers at Liberty Worx LLC have created THE LIBERATOR, the ultimate chariot to the heavens for those with serious physical disabilities to celebrate their families' outdoor lifestyle with no restrictions."

What tosh! I'm no fan of guns, unless attached to a SEGA cabinet for shooting zombies or the type full of water. Liberty Worx seem to think it a good idea for disabled people to kill animals for fun with accessible guns and cross-bows. Can't say I agree. Their scan and select aiming system is quite impressive though. I was much more impressed by Hannable Haims' YouTube video of sip/puff pistol target shooting using parts from a 1960s car. Both systems look straight forward to make accessible using standard switches.

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