Switch Adapted Buzz Controllers

OneSwitch Switch adapted Buzz controller, with Big Red AbleNet Switch. Switch adapted Sony Playstation Buzz controller for improved accessibility. By OneSwitch.org.uk.

Seven years late perhaps (always playing catch up) I finally got around to adapting a Buzz handset for SpecialEffect. I went for the wired variety, which work on both PS2 and PS3 and have no batteries to worry about.

If I get time I'll post a DIY guide, but the gist of it is, you'll need to grind out the bottom half of the controller, enough to give you room for the five sockets. The main red push button switch contacts (encircled in yellow) need to be wired directly to their own socket. The group of four coloured push buttons all share a common ground point which makes things a bit quicker to wire up.

Worth mentioning is that with a switch accessible controller such as my C-SID you can use four switches to run your own Quiz show, with your own questions. You can also use Buzz to act as a mouse or keyboard using JoyToKey, and as such use it as a cheap switch or switch interface.

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