Punch the Custard and One Dimensional Pong

Image of a computer screen, that reads "Punch the custard" on a table with two bowls of custard, scribbled scores, and a touch-pad of tin-foil that completes a circuit when punching the custard.

Following my mention of Hide and Seek and social public gaming, I wanted to post two games that fit this mould, that are effectively one-switch games: Punch the Custard and One Dimensional Pong.

Punch the Custard takes one of the oldest one-switch games (played on calculators by pressing 1,+,+ then mashing the = button), and makes it messier and much funnier.

One Dimensional Pong takes Pong, reduces it down to one-button each, and sprawls it in beautiful light across five metres of living space. Take a look at the videos below to see for yourselves.


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